A blog dedicated to plus size women who enjoy a classical and preppy lifestyle.


Looking for a way to share my love of a more traditional style of dress, I started Plus Size Prep'd in the summer of 2013. Originally, PSP was a side project to another fashion blog I was writing at the time, WV Style. By the end of the year though, PSP had double the number of readers that WV Style, so I closed that blog to concentrate my focus on this blog.

I was taught by my grandmother how to sew at an early age and spent most of my youth sewing doll clothes in my hometown of Huntington, West Virginia. Truth be told, I really didn't get into fashion until I was in high school. Having gone to prep school, I work school uniforms until I was 18. My weekend looks were mostly jeans and sweaters, which is still what I mostly wear. When I got into college, I was overcome with all the styles and fashions I could wear. However, I kept coming back to the simple, classic staples I wore as a kid: cardigans, boat shoes, button downs. I like the preppy style because it's timeless and just really easy to wear.

I went to college at WVU Tech where I majored in Printing Management with a minor in International Business. Sadly, the recession killed off most printing jobs so I ended up working in various industrial industries where I eventually became a specialist in workplace safety and security.

In January of 2015 I was able to get my dream job working in community media in rural Appalachia and I can't wait to see where I go. I now live in the Mid-Ohio Valley and so far I'm loving it.

When I'm not working in real life or on my blog, I enjoy reading historical non-fiction, road trips, painting my nails, boating on the Ohio River, and fall in Appalachia. I'm a huge WVU Mountaineers fan and I've been known to cheer for the Boston Red Sox and the Washington Capitals. 

Thank you so much for stopping by Plus Size Prep'd. It's been wonderful to get to talk with so many readers!

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