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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Lands' End Sale Part Two

So Round #2 of my Lands' End shopping was meant to be maybe another sweater or two. Clearly, you can see that it ended up being much, much more. No regrets, though, no regrets.

I wear tees nearly every day, with a majority coming from Old Navy. However I haven't been happy with the latest batch I purchased so I decided to give the Fitted Crewneck Tee a shot. I picked out a few colors I'd get the most wear out of. Hopefully these work out.

I'm not the type of person to turn down a good Fair Isle sweater, so I picked up two. The Crewneck Fair Isle sweater is available in two colors, the red pictures above and an white/black/ice blue. I loved the red at first sight. The Turtleneck Fair Isle sweater came in several gorgeous colors and I narrowed it down to the one above or a white/red/orange. Ultimately, I'm terrified of white shirts because I am clumsy and spill anything and everything down my front.

I've featured the Linen Boatneck sweater on the blog before but finally just pulled the trigger. It's a linen/cotton blend meaning it's lightweight. I'm thinking it's going to be perfect for those days when it's chilly in the shade but warm in the sun. Same goes for the Cricket Sweater on the right, I've been eyeing it for quite some time.

I'll be the first to admit that the Leopard Cardigan isn't necessarily something I'd normally go for. But sometimes you just want something different to wear. There's a thousand and one ways to style it and I'm thinking I'll probably wear it a lot more than I think I will.

Not pictured: the pair of gloves I bought for $7 because I needed to hit the $250 mark. They've got the touchscreen fabric on the fingers and I lose gloves like it's my job.

I'm happy with the orders I placed today as it's a big chunk of my fall/winter spending. Many of the pieces are things I needed (new cords) or things I've been eyeing for a long time (the cricket sweater). Now if only I didn't have to wait another month or two to wear them...

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