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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

J.C. Penney Launching Plus Size Line Boutique+

Starting May 1, JC Penney will be launching a revamped plus size experience for their shoppers. Starting in 200 stores, the plus size section will be remodeled to give an "elevated shopping experience." Following the footsteps of Joe Fresh and Jonathan Adler's Happy Chic home decor line, The Boutique will be a store within a store. It will have plus size mannequins and include crossover merchandise like accessories and shoes.

Also debuting May 1 brand new lines called Boutique+, headed up by Project Runway winner Ashley Nell Tipton, the first plus size winner of the fashion-based reality show. She will be working on the fall and holiday lines while in-house designers produced the spring/summer selections. While the stores will only carry sizes 14W-24W and 1X-3X, online sizes will be available up to 30 and a 5X.

The picture above is a teaser for the Boutique+ line. I already assume you can guess my reaction to it, which isn't favorable. You can get a sneak peek at a few of the items already on the website. To me, this is the same crap that Lane Bryant has been selling since 2013. Rompers, cold shoulder shirts, denim capris. I can get those anywhere because that really feels like the only plus size merchandise available sometimes. It looks like the same stuff Target's Ava + Viv lines carries. It looks like what Melissa McCarthy's line carries. I have yet to see any plus size woman wear a faux leather moto jacket or sleeveless tuxedo vest. These styles are also seasons--if not years--behind.

I've been trying to be positive when stores and brands introduce a plus size line. Most of them are missing the mark and have this sole obsession on focusing on young twenty-somethings going out for drinks on a Friday evening. There's little focus on career wear or anything containing natural fibers. Selection is limited to someone fresh out of college or Alfred Dunner. There's little to no in between, where there's more spending power. I don't have much faith in Ashley Nell Tipton, either. She has incredible talent but translating it from the runway to the mass market is going to be a nightmare of crop tops and tutus.

Like Target before them, JC Penney is boasting of how the line was made for the plus size customer in mind. Frankly, I think they need to stop consulting Miss Cleo. We want what the straight sizes have. Nothing more, nothing less. These plus size exclusive collections aren't the same thing, why make us an entirely new and different dress when all we wanted is the one in the window?

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Prep'd Picks | Springtime at Old Navy

It's no secret that I love Old Navy. I can usually find a good mix of trendy and classic pieces of decent quality for a decent price. For about the past year, Old Navy sort of lost me a bit as it really embraced the "festival fashion" look. For those over the age of 25, it's the same thing as the bohemian look only with muted, drab colors.  However, despite the troublesome number of crop tops, I've been pleased with the amount of considerably preppy items.

It's not madras but this plaid sundress is super charming. I wish it had thicker straps so I could wear a proper truss bra underneath, but I have a super light ivory cardigan this would compliment nicely. I've had my eye on a sunhat for years but thanks to the big 'ole noggin my dad graced me with it's been a difficult search. This hat comes in an L/XL size which intrigues me. The cute canvas tote is nice to hold a variety of items for your weekend escapades. I'm on the hunt for a good pair of brown sandals as well. These don't come in a size 11 (boo) but they're cute. 

I am missing shirts in my wardrobe. I have a lot of basic tees and some button downs but I need some more options. These are a bit more on the casual side but I love them. I adore the periwinkle blue of the eyelet sleeve shirt (it also comes in white). The fringe tank is too cute for words. It reminds me a lot of a similar tank at JC Penney's I've had my eye on but had to pass because it was too short. 
Ok, so gingham pant you're like a week too late to be featured for my gingham post, which is a shame because you're exactly what I was looking for. These aren't my favorite Pixie pants (gasp!) but the Harper style. I'm not too sure what the difference is other than the Harper is a "menswear inspired" fit. Well, okay. Whatever you say. I have a feeling these will be joining my other stack of pants from Old Navy. Then we have another pair of pants I'm probably going to pick up: a classic pair of wide leg linen pants. They come in a few colors and are perfect for those of us wanting to cover our legs on those hot 90+ degree days. I'd pair this with a more fitted top and a flat sandal or simple flat.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

LillyALikes | Spring 2016

It's everyone's favorite post: LillyALikes!

Swimsuit (it also has matching board shorts) // lace trim tee // tunic // cardigan // pants

I need a new swimsuit for the year and this suit is the one that has caught my eye. Hopefully it fits in the chest. The cardigan reminds me of vintage Lilly prints. I like the touch of texture on the tee and the tunic. And yes, more printed pants. I know I post about them all the time, but I've been having a lot of problems finding shirts that fit well so I'm sticking to the ones I already have and using the printed pants to add some interest to my outfit.

I want to pick up another maxi dress and I absolutely love the "leaf" print on this maxi. I think it looks more like coral but whatever. I thought the fringe was a fun accent to a basic tee dress. The chevron dress is simply just a fun dress, especially if you're at the beach. The green dress is a beautiful shade of green and would look incredible with anything white or navy you may already own. The ikat dress is a fun print with a small cutout detail on the back. Since this dress is basically a work sheath with a cutout, I think it would work for the office (and happy hour!) as long as you wear a blazer/cardigan.
Use the widget to browse more LillyALikes. PS: Hot pink is a very popular color for this summer:

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Prep'd Picks | Gingham

Gingham is a fun and versatile print that can work from the weekend to the workday. While most of us associate gingham with a sunny day in the spring and summer, I think it can work well year-round depending on the fabric or materials.

I picked up these Old Navy Pixie Pants (of course) in a small black gingham print and I've worn them three times in the less than two weeks I've owned them. I've paired them with a black sweater for a professional function and with a simple white tee for a weekend outing. If they weren't in the wash I'd be wearing them right now. 

I'm really lusting over that Lands' End blazer and the J.Crew bucket bag but I'd take any of it right. Use the widget below to see my favorite gingham pieces:

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