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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Twelve Dream Handbags

One of my biggest style goals for the spring is to replace some of my bags. I feel I've done well with choosing bags that have held up...to everything except my mom's cat, Daisy. Daisy has a taste for leather handbags (especially the handles) and has left her mark via claw and chew marks. I'll also admit I haven't taken as good as care I should have for some of my bags so for a few of them it's my fault that they're not looking their best.

With a few exceptions, I also don't think they make bags as well as they used to.

Anyways, these are the bags that caught my eye. All but two are under $500.

Row One (from left to right): Lilly Pulitzer // Tory Burch // Diane von Furstenburg
At this point I'm sort of looking for more a fun summer purse. This white leather bag from Lilly really fits the bill. I'm sort of afraid trying to keep a white leather bag clean but I'm in love with the details. I will note this tote is HUGE. Next up is a unique bag from Tory Burch's resort collection. The shape and beautiful color are what caught my eye but the details such as the dowel handle and the beaded shoulder strap kept my attention. Sadly, this one is nearly $300 over my budget so I'm kinda hoping it goes on sale soon. Lastly is DVF's Secret Agent bag. I dig the color and the function of this hobo. There's a pocket for everything!

Row Two: Furla // Kate Spade // Coach
A beautiful, everyday brown bag is still high on my wishlist. This Furla bag is so, so, so pretty. Perfect color, perfect size. This bright pink bag is from Kate Spade and is super similar to her Lily scalloped tote that I've featured a few times. It also comes a few more candy colors although I'd get it in white. As a note: a lot of KS bags look like they're made with saffiano leather but they're actually PVC or a textured, coated canvas. Always check the materials before you buy. Finally, the absolutely preppiest bag you could ever by: a Coach duffel. There's a reason they're still around.

Row Three: Tory Burch Robinson Tote // Tory Burch T Tote // Tory Burch Shoulder Bag
So...I got an email from Tory Burch today that featured of these stunning embroidered bags. I went straight to her website and drooled for the next 20 minutes or so. Um, yeah, I really love these fun bags. Breezy, colorful, perfect for summer. The tote on the left is over budget (of course) but that may not stop me, especially if I see it in person. I will admit I'm going to wait for some reviews if I decide to get one of these beauties.

Row Four: Rebecca Minkoff // Coach //  Kate Spade 
Somewhere in the 2010/2011 area I bought a Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB satchel off of Gilt.com for around $200. To this day, it remains the most I've ever spent on a bag. I loved that bag hardcore and I cried when I realized I lost it somewhere during a move. I don't know if I'd get another of that style, but Rebecca Minkoff has beautiful soft leathers that I only really see at Coach anymore. I like the color, the tassels, but the slouchyness of it is a bit of a put off. Next up is a Coach bag from their Swagger line. Yes, the name is silly but I like the style. Of this particular bag I really enjoy the colors in the color blocking. And finally, a woven leather Kate Spade tote. It reminds me a lot of a Tory Burch bag from about 2-3 years ago that was made from a similar woven leather pattern that was absolutely stunning. It's not close, but an added leather tassel accent will make it close enough.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Prep'd Picks | What I've Bought Recently

A little more than a month ago I left my home state of West Virginia and moved halfway across the country to take a job in Iowa. This job pays me nearly triple of what I was making last year. For the first time in a very long time I can walk into a store and buy a sweater or a pair of shoes without having to worry about the rest of my budget. I can buy a book at Barnes and Noble without feeling guilty. Obviously I shouldn't get too crazy--I need to replace my car at some point this year--but I am going to indulge a bit.

Last year was the first year in a long time where I actually wore shorts in public during the summer. This was mostly due to the fact my office building last year had absolutely zero air conditioning. I wasn't uncommon for me to wander in for my overnight shift and it still be over 85 degrees in there. So shorts became a necessity and Old Navy had two pairs in particular that caught my eye which just happened to be the ones they're getting sued for by Lilly Pulitzer.

This year I decided I wanted more shorts.  I didn't expect to buy them in February but they'll keep until warmer days. First up are these incredible gingham shorts. It was one of those moments where I just took one look at them and handed my cash to Old Navy. Frankly, you can't get much preppier than these shorts. The other pair of shorts just had a fun print I like. It is a bit early in the year for shorts (unless you live in Florida) but if there's something you like, grab 'em before Old Navy discontinues them.

These are the same Pixie pants I featured last week. I'm in a very lavender mood so these felt like a no brainer. I will note the leaves on the flowers are actually a light golden brown. I have a sweater that matched that brown nicely so I've been pairing those together. I also wore a navy shirt with them and felt it looked alright.

Let me start off with the Lands' End sweater I bought to match the above Pixie pants. It's not quite the same shade of lavender but it's close enough. I love this version of their popular Drifter sweater because it is tunic length and has a nice mid weight feel to it. I'm giving some thought to ordering a few more of these.

I know I've shared my hate of neon many times, but on these New Balance sneakers...its okay. Small doses, folks. I got this pair through J.Crew and let me share this tidbit: order through the store if you can. Ordering through the store brings free shipping which is pretty standards but more importantly the shipping is much faster.  I bought these shoes on a Saturday and had them by Wednesday. Had I ordered these through the website I'd probably still be waiting on them.

One of my favorite purchases since my move is this pretty print bedding from Pottery Barn. When I moved here I discovered my bedroom was painted sage green. My landlord said she'd have it painted whenever I was ready but I think it's growing me. I originally picked this set out because it reminded me of one of my favorite museum exhibitions that featured 19th century prints featuring flora and fauna. When I brought it home I was very happy to find that the greens in the print matched my walls. The set is reversible, with the same print on a white background and the other side on a black background. I never, ever thought I'd bring black into my home decor but it just looks so good in my bedroom.

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