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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

REVIEW: Eloquii's Kady Pant vs. Old Navy's Pixie Pant

It's no secret I'm a fan of Old Navy's Pixie pants. I probably own around five pairs, along with several of their Pixie shorts. When you find something that fits you so well as a plus size woman you want to sing its praises from the mountains.

My one issue with the Pixie pants is trying to get them in solid colors. They come in lots of great prints but a good solid color can be hard to come by. If they come out with something such as navy blue, my size is sold out in almost no time.

This led me to ponder Eloquii's insanely popular Kady pant. The styling is similar to the Pixie and as of press time comes in over twenty colors. I bought the color in the picture above, Walnut, and it's pretty true to what's show on the screen. They were also $19.97, which is nothing to sneeze at. I figured I have nothing to lose and placed me order.

Style: The Kady style is very close to the Pixie pants, although I find the Kady waistband lies smoother against the body. The pockets--front and back--on the Kady pants are real. The leg width on both pants is similar, as is the length. Speaking of lengths, both the Pixie and Kady come in short, regular, and long lengths. They're still a bit on the cropped size but not nearly like they used to be.

If you're looking for pants to wear to the office the Pixie is alright but if you're in a very professional environment the Kadys are the way to go. 

Fit: I size down in Pixie pants because they're from Old Navy and will stretch wickedly. I bought my usual size in the Kady style and found the waist fits very well. The seat fits well and looks alright. However, these pants are not meant for the apple shaped. The fabric, which looks and feels like a thick stretchy twill that's been Scotchguarded yet is super soft, bunches around my front roundness. Frankly, it looks awful. When I saw that I nearly sent them back. That being said, most of my tops are tunic length and once I pair the pants with a tunic, they look very nice. Like, I'm already planning outfits around these pants nice.

My biggest gripe about the Kady pants is how big they are in the hips. If you're pear or hourglass shaped, these are the pants for you. Seriously, quit reading this and go give Eloquii your money. I've had the Kadys less than a week and have worn them once. They did stretch out so I'm looking into having the hips taken in a bit to give them a sleeker silhouette. I also think it might help with the bunching around the front. The Pixie pants bunch slightly in the front but nowhere near the extent of the Kady. I also find the Pixies fit a lot better in the hips and rear and stretching with wear isn't as exaggerated.

Value: I can't attest to the longevity of the pants from Eloquii but they're very well made and I'm impressed with the fabric (surprisingly not scuba!). You should also never pay full price for Eloquii items, sign up for their emails and they're sending out coupons everyday. If you're patient you can often get whatever you want for 50% or even 60% off.

I have Pixie pants that are over two years old and are still going strong. I do iron the pants on occasion because I think a front crease looks nice and slightly flattering on me but it's not necessary.  Pixies go on sale fairly often but they're also not included in other sales. Again, patience is a virtue for Pixies.

Overall: Both pants have their merits and their flaws. I like the styling and fabric of the Kady better than the Pixie, but the fit of the Pixie can't be beat. I'm hoping tailoring may help the Kady and if it does, I may just have some new favorite pants.
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