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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Prep'd Picks | Make Up Your Mind Weather

The weather needs to make up its mind. Is it going to be cold and snowy? Mild and wet? Single digits in the AM but 45 on your lunch break?

Navy shift & floral jacket: I rarely like pre-packaged fashion sets and especially ones that consist of a jacket and a dress. I find the proportions of the jacket are usually pretty poor; they're often cropped at unflattering lengths. This set, though, is adorable. The jacket falls at a good place and you can't beat a classic white & navy color scheme. The poppy red accent really makes the set. Also? It's currently $42 at JC Penney's. Not a bad buy for spring.

Talbot's heart yoke sweater: When I think of 1980's preppy, this sweater is what pops up in my mind. Throw in a button-up, wide wale cords, and a Dooney All Weather Leather bag and you'll look just like my mom circa 1986. If you want to look more modern, add a pair of colorful pants

Lafayette 148 ponte fit & flare dress: This dress just has so much going for it I actually (very briefly) considered spending the three figures for it. Sure, it's a few months worth of my clothing budget but I wouldn't need to wear much else. I mean, what can't you do with this dress? It dresses up, it dresses down. Heels, boots, red, navy blue, pink, etc. I just looked at it and instantly knew which scarves or necklaces I wanted to wear with it. Maybe if it goes on sale...

Talbot's Mackintosh: Here's another piece that screams "classically" preppy to me. It's not rubber, nor that flimsy nylon stuff that a lot of retailers try to pass off as a raincoat. I'd tell you to pick it up for the spring but as of press time it's all of eight degrees with two inches of snow on the ground. It's going to be 56 in two days. You might need it before March.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Prep'd Picks | Live Colorfully in 2016

Plus Size Lilly Pulitzer
I thought it'd be nice to kick of 2016 with some Lillyalikes. Typically, this is a bad time of the year to try to find anything colorful aside from a handful of resortwear which really isn't winter-appropiate. However, there is a ton of color that is starting to flood stores and this makes me really happy...and able to find some, anything, that comes close to being Lilly-ish.
First of all, this is probably one of my favorite sets I've ever made for this blog. I'm in love with all the colors and textures. To wear any of these successfully in the winter, pair them with dark neutrals. The incredible Lauren Ralph Lauren printed pants would go nicely with your favorite navy sweater or crispy white button up. The pink blazer? Perfect for a navy sheath. The secret to wearing these without looking too out of season is keep an eye on the weather. Going back to the printed pants, I wouldn't pair them with another bright color until the first flowers are out of the ground, which in my area is typically mid-March.
Be sure to check out the pink printed wrap dress, it's a close ringer for Lilly's Wild Confetti print (I bought the agenda at the After Party sale). I'm also in crazy love with that magenta bucket bag despite the fact it costs as much as my first car. 

Plus Size Ralph Lauren
Typically when I think of Ralph Lauren, I tend to think of darker tones and shades. Surprisingly, this spring Mr. Lauren has let loose with the explosion of pastels and colors. Not that I'm upset about this development. 
This is another one of my favorite sets in recent mind. The shape of the mint sheath really caught my eye--there's lots of seaming done very well and it looks flattering. I do think mint as a color is somewhat (okay, a lot) tired but it works nicely on this dress. Plus, pair it with the geometric sweater on the right? Beautiful and utterly perfect for the casual business office. 

The fair isle sweater is also chock full of color for those still yearing for something warm and bright. Winter is just now hitting my area and let's just say I'm going to be putting my dry cleaner's children through college come spring. The watch is plain yet the double straps add some interest. I like the orange vest as a welcome change from the sea of navy down vests I see on a regular basis. 

The green peacoat is also a fantastic find. It's not mint, but seafoam bordering on spring green. A light peacoat is always a good choice for spring but such a happy color makes it fun to wear on those endless rainy days. 

I'm really hoping that the color trend continues for 2016. It'd be such a welcome change from the endless sea of black that's too common in plus sizes.

Friday, January 1, 2016

An Updated Guide to the 2016 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

2016 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

One of the best things about January is the anticipation of the Lilly Pulitzer After Party sale. You never know what to expect in the sale, which I find fun. Sure, there's been a few sales that had been duds but for the most part I usually find something.

New Feature: The Waiting Line. One of the bad things about the After Party sale was that it would often crash the Lilly site. In an effort to prevent said crashes, there's now a "virtual waiting line" you'll have to sit in to gain access to the site. LP launched the que during last August's sale. I was on the Lilly site before its scheduled 8:00 am launch, but I was in the que for 15-20 minutes. There's a ticker and I can't remember if it told you the amount of time you had before you could enter the sale or how many people were ahead of you. Even though I got to the sale around 8:20 nothing was sold out yet.

According to the Lilly website, they will be using the waiting line again. This means it's time to change up the After Party sales guide. This is probably the most important fact to keep in mind:

2016 Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale

Here's my other advice:

1| Create an account on the Lilly website and make sure ALL of your information is updated. Most importantly, make sure your credit card and shipping addresses are correct. Take off any addresses you may have stored in there from the holiday season.

2| Utilize all available equipment: computer, smartphone, tablet, etc. You'll also be able to shop via the Lilly Pulitzer app. Last August I shuffled between the Lilly app, my computer, and the mobile website and I found the app got me in the soonest. This may not be the case for you but it doesn't hurt to try.

3| Follow Lilly on social media! Sometimes there are sale items exclusive to various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) so be sure to check those out.

4| Shipping is free, which is always a bonus. Do be aware that shipping may take longer than usual due to the staggering amount of orders Lilly will be handling.

5| There are no returns on final sale merchandise. If you're unsure of sizing double check your measurements. As far as shoe sizing goes, I think it runs a bit smaller than true-to-size.

6| Items can change during the course of the sale. I've noticed in several sales additional items will be added towards the afternoons and evenings.

7| Prioritize what you want and make a strategy. Tote bags on the computer, scarves on the tablet. Some have found it handy to make a second account (or more) and sign in on a different account on each device. The reason I say to make a plan is this tip #8.

8| Items in your cart are not held for you. You can only be sure they're yours once you check out completely.

And again: Put everything you want in your cart and THEN checkout--especially if you're shopping in the first few hours of the sale. The moment you leave the sale you'll end up at the back of the line.

What to expect in the sale: It's always hard to say for sure, but typically it's a variety of items from the past few seasons. Since it's January, I expect to see anything from mid-summer up through Christmas. I suspect they may have agendas and a good deal of other stationery items because I've seen those going on sale in several stores recently. I also think you'll find a ton of the free gift with purchase promotional items.

Price-wise, expect the average savings to be anywhere from 40%-60% off original retail. Off the top of my head, I once got an overnight bag for $49 that was originally $198, a necklace that was $19 for $78, and a scarf for $34 that had been $120.

Anything in particular I'm looking for? At this point in time, not really. I wouldn't mind picking up an extra agenda if they have them. I'm moving to a new apartment at the end of the month and frankly, the less I have to pack the better. I have stuff from Christmas that I've been reluctant to open because it's just going to be packed up in two weeks (like my awesome new knife set). But who knows, they'll probably be something that'll catch my eye. 
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