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Thursday, November 12, 2015

The $100 Wardrobe Challenge

While researching blog topics I came across an interesting writing prompt called the $100 Challenge. You have $100 gift card to spend on anything you want with a few caveats: you can't put it towards a bigger purchase, you can't spend more than the $100 (don't worry about taxes), you have to spend it on yourself, and you can't use it to buy services like a haircut. You can use it online or in store.

I was stuck in the doctor's office the other day for a few hours and this was something fun to think about while waiting. I ran through the list of what was hanging in my closet, what was in the dirty clothes hamper, and what stuff I had stashed in storage when I moved back in January that I haven't bothered to pull out.

Here are some things I don't need:
1. Handbags. I'm positively drowning in purses, tote bags, and satchels.
2. Work clothes. I typically wear jeans and a sweater to work, so I don't wear a lot of my nicer clothes that often. I do need to replace a few pairs of my favorite work pants (Lane Bryant's Lena trouser) but I have others that'd work in a pinch.
3. Jewelry or accessories. I haven't worn jewelry in forever and really haven't touched anything else. The last accessory I did buy--a Lilly Pulitzer Lillian Oversized Scarf from their After Party sale--I actually use as a throw in my living room because it's humongous.

I finally narrowed down my list to three things. I could pick any one of them and be happy:

 1. New lingerie: I need new bras badly. Since I'm very busty and my cup size is close to the middle of the alphabet finding bras that fit is hard. This year alone I've bought and have sent back at least five different bras. There's one I've been eyeing but it costs $80 but I've been hesitating on pulling the trigger.

I've never been one to care if my underwear matches my bra. Like your teenage daughter, I get 99% of my underwear from Aerie at the mall (I get the XXL). I don't care if my underwear has surfboards on it in the middle of January or penguins in July. If it's clean, it gets worn.

2. I need new everyday flats. I have a wide assortment of flats in all sorts of colors, patterns, and embellishments but I'm lacking for a basic brown and black. My favorite flats of all time come from the Gap. I never have to worry about breaking them in and can wear them for 10+ hours with no problems. I will note I only get about a year out of them, but I also never pay full price for them. If you sign up for the Gap's email list there's a 30-40% off sale every other week. I have bought better made flats in the past, but I keep reaching for the Gap version.

3. New everyday basics: These are the clothes I wear several times a week: basic color tee shirts, layering tanks, yoga pants, etc. I get most of these from Old Navy because I can get them in tall lengths (note: I usually wear a XXL from the straight sizes from Old Navy). Typically, an everyday basics order from me typically has a few yoga pants, basic tee shirts in a variety of colors and sleeve options, and layering tanks. I was going to make this purchase last month but I hit a deer a few weeks ago and my insurance deductible killed my budget.

It may not be the most fun way to spend $100, but in this case I think it's the best use of the money.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Prep'd Picks | Hello November

Lucky Brand Geometric Cardigan: This cardigan checks off several trends at once without overdoing it. Open cascade front? Check. Long, almost duster length cardigan? Check. Vaguely Native American-ish print they're referring to as geometric to keep things PC? check. It reminds me of a Pendleton blanket and that's not a bad thing.

Lilly Pulitzer Charm Necklace: For those craving bright colors and the beach.

Lands' End Straight Leg Corduroy pants: I bought these a few weeks ago and have nothing but good things to say about them. I picked up the umber color, which you see above. It's a dark khaki/tan color with a lot of yellow in the base. I love them and I also need to hem them (I love Lands' End unhemmed option!). 

Lands' End Jacquard Cardigan: This is hands down a beautiful sweater for your closet. Great colors and I especially love the Art Nouveau-inspired pattern.

Madewell Chelsea Boots: I still really want a pair of flat boots. I have several pairs of Madewell flats and love them so I wouldn't hesitate to buy these. However, I'm currently not buying shoes until I can try them on, so these would have to wait for my next Pittsburgh trip.

Old Navy Frost-Free Puffer Vest: Just a nice puffer vest. I'm in love with this cheerful yellow, it's a nice difference between the common navy or olive green vests.
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