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Thursday, October 1, 2015

TRENDING | I Love the 70s

One of the the big trends for fall--and one that keeps coming back--is anything and everything inspired by the 1970s. Since I wasn't around for the 70s, I talked to my mom to find out what people actually wore. She said she wore a lot of jeans, sweaters, and flannel shirts which really wasn't the inspiration I was looking for. My mom told me to look at Jackie O., who she said wore the best of the decade. I was going to look to Jackie anyways, but I think my mom's right. Jackie I think looked her best in the 70s. Using the eternal prep muse as my guide, here are the best of the inspired looks:

chino skirt // turtleneck sweater // faux suede skirt

The few things my mom really remembered about the clothes in the 70s were that they were casual and relatively simple. She remembered jewel tones being more popular than the pastel/neon of the 60s, and that textures were very popular. She mentioned the wrap dress being insanely popular towards the end of the decade and had a few herself. 

I think my search for the perfect pair of flare jeans is over. I'm totally loving these very inspired flares from Melissa McCarthy's Seven7 line, which go up to a size 28. For the texture and "earthy tones" my mom talked about, I found this forest green Old Navy sweater and Vince Camuto suede skirt. I threw in a classic trench coat, shirt dress, and wrap dress. Dian von Furstenberg did make wrap dresses in plus sizes for a brief period. Every now and then they pop up on Ebay and go for a pretty penny. The khaki skirt with buttons is scarily similar to the skirts I was forced to wear with my high school uniform.
The popular Gucci Jackie bag was indeed named after Jackie. The closest I could come to shape and spirit is the Downing hobo bag from J.Crew. This silk scarf is Burberry, but you can pick up beautiful scarves for a song at your local thrift shop. My mom mentioned owning desert boots and Clark's Wallabees (I've still have the same two pairs since college). Looking to Jackie, the classic oversized sunglasses, along with long necklaces.

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