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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Prep'd Picks | Ponchos, Ruanas, Wraps, Etc.

Last year I wrote about the Burberry poncho and how it was showing up everywhere but had yet to really make it to the plus size scene. Finally, they are here and I'm pretty pleased with the selection I've seen.

 Lauren Ralph Lauren wool & suede trim poncho: Exquisite details and a neutral plaid? True love, just out of my budget. If I had to choose a favorite on this post, it would be a close fight between this one and the Marina Rinaldi color block wrap.

Lauren Ralph Lauren stripped ruana: A more traditional ruana for the weekend. 

Old Navy plaid poncho: At $45, this is the most budget-friendly item of the post. It also comes in a black and white windowpane print as well. I threw this on my birthday list but I'm not sure which print I want to go with: I like the weathered colors on the red plaid but the windowpane would have more oppurtunity of wear. I'm going to have to think about that one.

Another Lauren Ralph Lauren black and white wrap: A perfect topper for special occasion dresses that isn't a pashmina. If I saw someone wearing this outfit, I'd totally think they looked incredibly well put together. Skip the cardigan, get a wrap instead.

Marina Rinaldi color block wrap: In my mind, this most closely matches the Burberry poncho I fell in love with last year. Again, totally out of my price range but I plan to keep an eye out for a sale.

Nic + Zoe chevron cardigan: A cardigan in a style similar to ponchos. For those who like the look of a wrap but want something a little more practical to wear.

I do think a poncho or whatever you want to call it would be worth the money if you wanted to spend more. A good wrap can really elevate an outfit and offers a completely different look than a jacket or sweater.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Prep'd Picks | Fun Finds

Old Navy Buffalo Print Sweater: Old Navy has had some really nice pieces this fall. I love plaid and I love sweaters. This will probably makes its way into my shopping cart when I do my big bi-annual Old Navy shopping spree next month.
Tory Burch iPhone 6 case: I really like the look and function of iPhone wallets but I've always found them too bulky to put in my pockets. This case is slim, has a few card slots, and can also bend back to be used as a stand. I think $85 is a bit steep for a phone case but I'm not going to lie, I really like this one (and I did spend nearly $50 on a phone case last year that featured a 3D toucan...). 
Whim nail polish in Fallen Sunset: After a variety of bad experiences with Ulta I stopped going altogether. I happened in to be in St. Clairsville the other day where they had recently opened one so I popped in to see what was new. I walked out with my favorite mascara on sale for $10 (part of their 21 days of beauty promotions) and this stunning polish. This rose gold foil polish is absolutely goregous and I'm so happy I bought it. It's a dark gold and pink shimmer full of glass flecks that catch the light. Like other foil  polishes it chips easily but apparently it's meant to be used in a set of some sort. Oh well, still pretty, still super happy. 
Lands' End Ponte Knit Dress: I always get requests for dresses with sleeves and thought this would be lovely for fall. It also comes in burgundy.
Tommy Hilfiger Messenger Bag: If I wasn't drowning in purses right now, I'd have bought this bag already. The messenger style is my favorite, and the preppy details make this bag a no-brainer. The faux Saffiano material also makes it ideal for commuters.  It's big enough for laptops and papers and anything else you may need for a day at work. Despite the fact I not only bought several purses recently on top of pulling some out of my storage unit (not ideal, I know) I'm super-tempted to go back and get this bag. 

Eloquii d'Orsay flat: Eloiquii has released their own line of shoes, which are 30% wider than the standard size. So basically, these are wide-width shoes. What I like about them (other than the charming print) is that they have memory foam cushioning. Eloquii's shoes have 5mm of padding versus the standard of 3mm. You can find similar shoes for cheaper, but for the extra padding and not having your foot hand out may be worth the extra coin.


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Prep'd Picks | Live Colorfully

Burgundy is such a fantastic color. Regal and elegant on its own, but pairs beautifully with so many other colors and allows them to really stand out. Okay, so some of these may be closer to maroon but for simplicity's sake let's consider them burgundy for this post (if you're truly interested in the difference, maroon has more brown to it. I like to think of burgundy as a deep fuchsia, which helps me to tell them apart).

Coldwater Creek is back from the bankruptcy, online at least. While pursuing their respectable plus offerings, I came across this short sleeve sweater and fell in love. This sweater offers incredible details and the colors are fall perfection. Obviously, you can pair this sweater with a lot, but I love how the blue and green pop against the burgundy pants. Yes, these are the Old Navy Pixie Pants I can't stop posting, but seriously, they're the best fitting pants I've been finding for the past two years.

Bass Weejun loafers are a preppy staple. I bought a new pair last year to replace the ones I had from college and just as an FYI they run more narrow than I remember. Bass does offer a Weejun in wide widths but I opted to have mine stretched by my local cobbler.

I wanted find a burgundy purse that was affordable without looking too cheap. I looked at a lot of purses and so many of them that looked great in black or brown faux leather looked horrid in burgundy. I like this $60 option from Sole Society, which has a lot of nice details.

Plaid flannel dresses tend to invoke early 1990s memories in me, but this dress looks classic and modern. When Eloquii makes something that isn't a peplum, crop top, bodycon dress, or made of neoprene they do a pretty damn good job. This dress is classic and fabulous and well worth looking at.

Orange is the "it" trend color for fall. I love orange so this makes me happy as I pull out my Essie Brazilliant nail polish. As a trend, orange comes and goes pretty often. If you do like it I think it'd be worthwhile to invest in something nicer, as opposed to that awful neon trend that went on for much too long.

This orange jacket covers a variety of trends in a well-done manner. There's the obvious orange, mixed in with the military/anorak look. As a lighter jacket, I think you could wear this for both fall and spring with no problems. I love the sweater knit pattern of the orange blazer, it's a neat effect that gives this blazer? cardigan? a stand-out look. Turtlenecks are also huge this year. The one I pictured is cashmere which means it costs more than my first car. For a much more affordable (cotton) sweater, I like this one from Lands' End. They'll probably have a cashmere version later in the season.

If you're unsure if orange is for you, accessories are always a great way to try out trends. I picked out the ever-popular Kate Spade Maise bag and Longchamp Le Pliage models. If you're looking for an under $50 bag, I recommend this Merona satchel from Target.  The necklace is from Kendra Scott, who I can't say I'm familiar with.  I don't wear a lot of jewelry but one of her necklaces caught my eye over the weekend in Nordstrom. While I was admiring the shiny and sparkly, the sales associate was saying they couldn't keep them in stock.
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