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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

On The Fringes: A Love Story

Every now and then I find something that I absolutely love. 

Looking at this online, it's not normally something that would catch my attention. In the store, however, the colors popped and the fabric felt divine. It was on the clearance rack, and I said if I could find one in my size I'd buy it. Lo and behold I found one and it's currently hanging in a place of honor in my closet. 

I like this cardigan for a few different reasons. First off, I love the orange and pink. I've mentioned before they were my signature colors in high school and they're still dear to me. The quality is outstanding, and the fabric is so soft and smooth. I can wear this with a little black dress to a wedding, or with white jeans for a girl's night out. It's light enough for a summer evening on the river but will be warm enough to wear on a brisk fall day. In other words, this is a sweater I can get a lot of wear out of.

The bad news is that it's sold out online. The good news is that Macy's has pretty good customer service and can track it down for you in one of their stores and have it delivered. If you can get your hands on this cardigan, it's worth it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Guide to Surviving a Plus Size Summer

This is proving to be an already miserable summer. The past two weeks have been in the nineties, not mention the constant sudden thunderstorms which only lead to higher humidity when they're done. Oh, and we're getting hail later this week. Awesome.

Because the air conditioning in my office is spotty at best, I've been brainstorming ways to help keep cool. There are the obvious ones, such as wearing lots of linen and other natural fibers. I also try to wear sleeveless dresses and then throw on a blazer or cardigan as needed. I've highlighted a few ways to help keep the sweat at a trickle and not a rushing river:

1// Band-Aid Blister Block: I've been using this particular blister block for several years and it's the best on the market. It has the consistency of a waxy chapstick that's used to help prevent blisters and chafing. I use it on both my feet and my inner thighs to prevent too much rubbing. It's great on feet, so-so in thighs.

2// Zeasorb: Several years ago while working in the airlines I developed a nasty rash around my bra strap while working in 120+ degree heat on an airport ramp. My mom gave me this powder and I've been hooked ever since. Zeasorb's main goal is to absorb moisture and keep bacteria at bay. I like to use this around my bra band and occasionally in other places I don't want to sweat too much. Depending on the shoes I''m wearing, I'll get those tiny flesh tone socks that only cover your toes and put some of this powder in to help kick the sweat. Do not put the powder straight into your shoes, it will mix with the sweat and form a cement that will not come out. I learned this lesson the hard way with a pair of J.Crew flats.

3//Monistat Anti-Chafing gel: I prefer to use this to help with thigh chafing. It goes on like a gel but turns into a powder. It works just as well as the blister block above but it doesn't last as long, but the blister block has that waxy feel I hate. I typically have to apply it twice during the day.

4// Sure Aersol Deodorant: Another product I've used for many years. I aim this stuff at my back, down my front, behind the knees, and pretty much anything. It helps take the edge of the dripping sweat factor.

5// Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths: Typically I keep a pack of cheap face wipes on me to help freshen up, but I'm intrigued by these wipes. They refreshen as well as cool, which sounds a lot better than a makeup remover wipe.

6// Ladies' cotton boxer briefs: A lot of times, people think skimpy skivvies are the way to help avoid some of the heat. The longer leg on these boyshorts help prevent with rubbing and do away with visible panty line. Also? They're probably the most comfortable underwear I've ever worn. Not sexy but I don't care a bit.

7//Lane Bryant Cooling Bra: I just broke the underwires in two bras so I'm definitely in the market for replacements. I've tried buying a few online but none fit, so I'm going to head into the mall this weekend to give these a try. The backs and the center part are made of mesh, and the cups are breathable. It seems like the mesh may not hold up as well as they're usual materials, but I'm willing to give them a shot if it keeps me cooler.

If you have a way of keeping cool in the summer, please don't hesitate to share in the comments!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Prep'd Picks | A More Casual Affair

Vineyard Vines Martha's Vineyard iPhone 6 case: For those who vacation in Edgartown, or wish they could. 
Rainbow flip flops: These are a long-time favorite of mine. I'm on my third pair now, and I tend to get about three years out of them. They come in a wide strap variety as shown, an they also come in a skinny strap. The bad news? They only go up to a women's size 9.5, so I just get the men's. I'll also give warning that you have to break these puppies in and it's tough. But once they're broken in, you'll never take them off. 

Lands' End tee shirts: It's so nice to find tee shirts that aren't see through and come in a good selection of colors. My only gripe is that I wish they were a tad longer, so I layer them with a long tank underneath.

Old Navy straw tote: A straw/seagrass/jute tote is a great way to add texture to a casual outfit. They're available at all price points and they come in all sorts of shapes and colors. I like this bag mainly for the colorful pom-poms on the front. Also, Old Navy is always having some sort of 25-35% off sale so you can get it for less than the $30 price point. 

Tolani Mandira High-Low Printed Caftan Tunic: This is one of those things that I file in the category "I don't know why I like this but I do." I'm not sure where I'd wear this to, but it'd be a more casual function where I really wanted to make a statement. I'd style it just like the picture, white skinny jeans and simple sandals, with maybe an armful of bangles. 

Eileen Fisher Cascading Cardigan: So, so pretty. I would wear this everywhere.
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