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Monday, September 29, 2014

Prep'd Picks

top row:  scarf  //  wrap dress // draped jacket
bottom row:  sweater  // snakeskin sandals  //  pearl necklace  // tweed pants
There has been some absolutely fabulous clothing that has rolled out in the past few weeks. I was really excited while researching this post and I could have easily showed twenty pieces, no problem. However, I did manage to edit the list down to the things I loved most.
Hands down the favorite thing on this board is the lovely navy blue wrap dress from Michael Kors. I have been looking for a wrap dress and I think I finally found it. This is something I'd buy automatically, but since I have to buy a new laptop and upgrade my phone in the next month (UNG) I'm holding out a bit on clothing purchases.
Like 3/4 sleeve lengths, draped cardigans/jackets are seemingly very popular in plus-size wear as opposed to straight sizes. Typically, I'm not the biggest fan of all the drapery but I really love the drape on this wool jacket. The fabric gives it enough heft to give the jacket some shape so it doesn't just hang there and look like a limp pasta noodle.
I fall into the sweater/slacks routine a lot in the fall/winter and it can get boring. Adding a sweater with an interesting shape can help, and the greenish-teal color will pair beautifully with navy, gray, camel, and a whole host of other neutrals. A pair of tweed pants can give you the same effect, and the cut on these pants is very flattering.
Two of these accessories are affordable and one is aspirational. The navy and camel scarf is $38, and the tassel and pearl necklace is $48. If you're of the crafting tribe, you can probably make the necklace for less than $25.  The shoes aren't very preppy but lordy, are they pretty. They look weird from the side but if you look at them on an actual pair of feet they look incredible. However, I cannot fathom paying $1,200+ for a pair of shoes I might wear twice a month. For that amount of money, I can pay all of my monthly bills and still be able to pick up a new Kate Spade bag. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello, Friday!

While I was going through all three gazillion pages of the September editions, one of the trends that I picked up on were scarf prints. I'd also think it would be fair to describe the prints as Vera Bradley, circa 1994. Look for paisleys (paislies? paislii?) and geometric shapes in rich tones, you may be surprised as to how much you wear them.

The New Yorker has the hands-down best article I've ever read on plus size fashion:

Evans, a British plus size brand, made history this past week by being the first plus size brand to present during London's Fashion Week. You check out some some of the designs at Bustle, or watch a video of the show at The Huffington Post. The collection is mostly a miss for me, but there's a gorgeous green dress in there I'm dying to have.
Eloquii is doing a "preppy with an urban twist" collection with mostly bad results. However, this tartan plaid midi skirt and tartan plaid coat are both really worth the look. Also, all regular priced items are 40% off, and sale is 25% off.
I've been busy on Pinterest this week, so head on over if you're looking for something new to take to your tailgate or needs ideas for all the adorable baby pumpkins you just bought.
I bought a Lilly Pulitzer agenda back earlier in the summer but after streamlining a few processes and looking at the future, I think I need something completely different layout. I'm trying to decide between Whitney English's Day Designer or Emily Ley's Simplified Planner. The pages are more or less the same so basically it's just down to aesthetics. I also wish they started earlier than January of next year!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Lilly-a-Likes // September 2014

Everybody's favorite day...Lilly-a-Like Day!
Plus Size Lilly Pulitzer

I skipped Lilly-a-Likes in August because I found very, very few, mostly due to the change in fashion seasons. With fall and winter coming up, finding LALs will be a lot harder because there will be so much focus on dark colors and heavy textures. I was actually really surprised to find a good number of LALs for this month. Without any further ado, here's the latest in Lilly-a-Likes:

Let me know if you found something you love!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Prep'd Picks // dresses

I originally thought the cape dress was navy blue but when I put the graphics together I discovered it was black. Oh well, I still think it's cute. I'm adoring the houndstooth dress because it looks really 70s in all the best ways. I've seen my mom's pictures from that decade and this looks like something she would have worn, simply and unfussy but packed with details.

I really love all these dresses and if I had to pick just one it'd be hard. I really love the blue Land's End dress because it looks so simple yet has interest; much like the Old Navy wrap dress in tan and black, a color combination I've been eyeing a lot lately. Speaking of interest, the boucle jacket and dress combo from Isabel Toldeo's line from Lane Bryant is simply amazing. There is a lot going on between two distinct textures and detailing but the neutral colors pull it together. This is the outfit you should reach for when your bed is covered in outfits and you don't know what to wear.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Autumn Beauty Special

Welcome to the Autumn 2014 Beauty Special!

Some of the things I've pictures I've tried and have loved, and others are I'm wanting to get soon. First off, let me point out the perfume No. 57 in the middle. This is a part of J.Crew's new fragrance line and this is the first scent I can honestly say in a long time that I truly love. The scent notes, according to J.Crew, are: "The curved oak walls of the gallery and the aromatic cocktails at the bar are evoked in a woodsy blend of cedarwood, aged whiskey and cinnamon."  According to my dad, it smells like a sweet Manhattan (the drink, not the borough or Project).

I've been a long time fan of Fresh's Sugar lip balms, but I just recently picked up Berry and love the light berry shade. I also really like the Klorane dry shampoo, it doesn't make my hair look greasier than before, unlike other dry shampoos.

One of the lines I really want to try is called Shamanuti. It's a natural line made in Massachusetts, and includes some interesting products like an activated charcoal cleanser and seaweed toner. I've been having some bad reactions to a lot of the skincare I've tried this past year, and usually they all have a common theme of some brand new "miracle" chemical I've never heard of. Since they're not working, I'm think it's time to go back to earth to see if that will help.

Shop all of my autumn beauty products below!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On Trend // H&M Leather Bucket Bag

Earlier this summer, I came across this beautiful Tory Burch bucket bag for her Resort 14/15 line.  I've mentioned that bag on the blog before and ever since then I've been looking for a bag that incorporates woven leather and tassels. I've found some nice things but most were well above budget breaking. While cruising the H&M website (they have a plus size section!), I came across this bucket bag and it just had to be mine. Not only does it have the woven leather and tassel detailing, it's completely on trend. I can easily see myself using this for at least the next two years no problem, making it a fantastic buy for under $100.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Prep'd Picks // Autumn Additions

1} white blouse 2} navy skirt 3} green handbag 4} red handbag
5} booties 6} beaded sheath 7} cardigan

Just a few things I've found over the weekend that I loved. I like the simplicity of the white blouse & navy fluted skirt, and either handbag would pair nicely with this outfit (and the rest of my wardrobe). A lot of my handbags have open tops and I'm getting tired of everything falling out, which is why I'm partially on the lookout for a new work bag. While I love both bags, I'm especially swooning over the grean croc embossed bag. Ever since I lost most of my shoes in my last move I've been hesitant to buy new ones. Well, nicer new shoes. I have a handful of flats from Target but I'm at the point where those already need to be replaced and my feet really need something with better support. I love the rich cognac color of these booties. The beaded sheath is drop dead gorgeous, and would make an elegant homecoming dress selection. I may have also been too quick with my post last week on ponchos, Nordstrom just released this reversible perfectly-draped cardigan.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Four & Friday | Vests

inspiration | j.crew factory vest
In yet another edition of plus size fashion FOMO (fear of missing out) are these fun printed vests. Unless you're living in South Dakota--it just snowed there yesterday--it's still too warm to wear these vests. However, there's a high probability that these vests won't be available come later in the season. Much like the Burberry poncho, I can't read a fashion blog without seeing this J.Crew herringbone puffer vest. I've found two vests that were close but no cigar, and two more whose print I just liked.

The closest to the J.Crew vest are the two on the bottom, Charter Club is on the left with Old Navy on the right. I like the bold print of the Charter Club but it lacks the fabric texture of the Old Navy vest.

For something more traditional, I like the Talbot's vest in the upper left corner, while the Land's End vest on the final right corner is a Lilly-a-Like option (it also comes in the same print in navy blue!).

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Ponchos & Wraps

For the past several weeks, I haven't been able to read an article or post on fall fashions without seeing mention of this absolutely fabulous Burberry poncho. There are very few times when I'd consider spending nearly $1400 for what is basically a cashmere/wool blanket but I have to say this is one of them. 

I went in search for something similar but much less pricey and came up somewhat short, mostly due to it's still early in the season. I did find a few things which I liked and displayed up above but they don't have the heft and therefore the lovely draping that the original poncho has. Hmm.

I grew up with very crafty parents. My father is a retired shop teacher and my mom just loves to make things. My entire life, my parents would look at something and then brainstorm how to make it for much less, not to mention adding their own touches. They usually got exactly what they wanted for a mere fraction of the price. It's something I've found myself doing, especially with jewelry and it's something I think I may do here. One of the things I love most about this poncho is the way it hangs, something a much thinner wrap can't do. This sounds ridiculous, but I think a saddle blanket--yes, for a horse--will get you that just perfect drape. I actually pictured one above, the lovely black and white number in the right corner. It's a few inches bigger than the Burberry wrap, which is good news for plus size women, not to mention it has a similar weight. You could also try cutting down a throw or blanket, if you'd like to add a monogram you could take it to one of those t-shirt stores that make Little League uniforms. As much as I simply love the Burberry, if I can save $1,300 of that original $1,400 price tag, I'm going to do it.

If I were to wear this poncho or one similar, I'd simply use it in place of a jacket. I'm currently thinking of a white blouse with dark denim and riding boots, or throw it over one shoulder like Cara Delevingne over a sheath and a nice pair of heels for a museum opening.
Is this a trend you'd like to try or do you know somewhere I could find a similar wrap for cheaper?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Prep'd Picks // Mad for Plaid

I am a liar. I went to the Virginia Tidewater area this past weekend for my best friend's baby shower
and it was 95 degrees. While packing, I promptly pulled out my favorite linen dress.

Let's try for a autumnal print and colors, shall we?
Preppy plus size plaid clothes

Warm weather weight with the colors of fall? I really love the black plaid dress, as I think it would make for a wonderful LBD. I think the blouses would work best as casual wear, but you could get away with them in a business casual workplace. Don't want to go full out in plaid, like the maxi dress? Add a cute tote or flat.

Want to add some plaid for work?

Glen plaid is a nice choice to add some interest into your work wardrobe. I think a navy or dark green OCBD would pair nicely with these pieces.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

On Wearing White After Labor Day

Yesterday afternoon I completed my typical post-Labor Day tradition of dropping off my linen and seersucker to the dry cleaner. I was going to throw a few white things in the load as well, but then thought about it for a few minutes. While I am traditional in the fact I wouldn't wear madras after Labor Day, I do think that one could get away with wearing white in a limited amount.

Preppy plus size clothes Lilly Pulitzer
Even though I mostly eschew black, I do think black & white will always be a very timeless & chic look. White straight leg denim, a black cashmere cowl neck sweater, black booties with a gold dangle or two is a perfect example of an incredibly easy outfit that looks completely put together.
Be choosy on your fabrics; A white gauzy skirt or dress is best put away, but poplin white slacks would be just fine to leave in your closet.  Of course, a white blouse or sweater is always acceptable. Being mindful of your activities is also a good hint for looking good in white. The black sweater/white denim outfit I mentioned before? Fantastic for a double date with friends. White jeans to an outdoor activity in October? Eh...not so much.
White accessories such as handbags and shoes should be put away, as well as most nautical motifs (unless you live on a coast somewhere) and tropical anything (unless you live in Hawai'i or Florida).

Is there a proper time to start wearing white? I always base my answer off the weather. In my neck of the woods, I typically start wearing white after the Kentucky Derby. Now, the Derby is held in early May, and there's an equal chance of having snow or 90 degree temperatures. If the Derby is looking chilly, I'll hold off on my whites until Memorial Day.

And as always, if you're wearing white, don't forget a take a Tide-To-Go pen!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Prep'd Picks / Hello Fall!

I'd like to add some updates to my autumn wardrobe:


After taking stock in what was already in my closet, I decided that I wanted to add camel and "berries." When I say "berries," I'm referring to colors generally described as some sort of berry, i.e., cranberry or "Juicy Berry."  I found some lovely camel cardigans and jackets and I apologize in advance, you'll be seeing that cardigan into next spring. I also like the length of the jacket as I prefer my tops long. If you'd like something hip length and more budget friendly, try this Land's End jacket.

I found these great ponte pants from Old Navy, and I think they'll add quite the statement for a great price. I've only heard good things about the Pixie pant so I can't wait to add these to my shopping bag. The berry dress is fantastic because it covers bra straps very well and has a fantastic, flattering shape. The last shirt of note is the cream blouse, I think it adds more interest to an otherwise plain outfit. 

As far as accessories go, I'm not sure what I like just yet. You can't go wrong with these cap top Burberry flats. I've been looking at a lot of nail polish lately and I will admit my taste in polish is a bit more outlandish than the average Prep's. I like this Essie gray as a nice neutral. Also, yes, that is the Christian Louboutin polish. Yes, it really is $50. As someone who has never blinked at the price of Chanel or Tom Ford polishes, I have found the price tag a bit steep but most likely doable. I'm a sucker for pretty nail polish bottles and love showing them off on my vanity. My birthday is next month and I'm thinking that a bottle of Louboutin's signature rogue would make a great gift for myself.

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Labor Day's Oopsie

In honor of Labor Day--and my thinking that today was Sunday--Prep'd Picks will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 2.
And while I have you here, I just wanted to give you some updates that will be taking place around the blog this week. If you've been reading here any length of time, you'll know I've gone through more blog designs than I have written posts. Typically, I've been buying a template/design from somewhere and just throwing that up as my blog design (that slider thingy I have on the top of the page right now...yeah, not feeling it anymore). This time, however, I'm going to be designing it myself. I bought some books on CSS, went through some tutorials, and watched a lot of YouTube videos. I feel confident that I can now get the blog looking and acting precisely how I want it, which hopefully will result in a better experience for you.
What does this mean for you? The blog design will look wonky at times and sometimes certain elements may not be working. I'm changing the branding as well and hopefully I'll be able to get that up through social media soon. This design change is going to be rolled out slowly over several weeks, just in case something goes wrong I know what it is and can fix it quickly.

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