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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Budget Week // Beauty

This post was trickier to write than I imagined. With a good number of cosmetics under $100, I knew I really didn't want to showcase only drugstore brands yet I found it hard to show a $55 makeup palette because I didn't think a lot of people would consider that "budget." I ended up with a mix of both drugstore and prestige items that I thought delivered the most bang for your buck:

Top row//
The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes // One of the things I miss about working in the airline industry is being able to visit cities that had better shopping. I used to make day trips to Charlotte to shop in their SouthPark Mall; fly into CLT in the early AM, catch the last flight out of the day. One of the stores I miss being able to shop in the most is The Body Store. Their items are great quality, unfussy, and easy to work with. This eyeshadow quad is gorgeous with great pigment and is one of my most-used eye shadows.

Avon Glimmersticks eyeliner //  I have used these since high school. I've tried every eyeliner from Wet 'n Wild to Bobbi Brown but I always come crawling back to Avon's 3/$10 Glimmerstick promotions.

Eco Tools Brushes // Hands down amongst the best makeup brushes I've ever used. They're very affordable (usually under $15), hold up well, and the synthetic bristles are super soft. I have some that are going on five years and are still in great shape. I don't know any other $10 blush brush that can say that.

Bottom row//
Cover Girl Lip Perfection lipstick // I had read several reviews that considered these lipsticks to be on par with MAC so I was intrigued to try them. Are they MAC quality? Not really but for the $5-6 price tag they work very nicely. The quality is good and the color selection is also usually pretty good, depending on the store you're in. I highly recommend the Spellbound (hot pink), Delight (strawberry pink), and Siren (pinkish-purple) shades.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara // Another thing I've been using since high school. I like the BIG lash version just a hint better than the original because I think it gives more volume which is what I need. Also, the iconic bottle is based on Lilly Pulitzer's designs so that gives it extra points in my book.

OPI nail polish // OPI has the best quality nail polish on the market and it's also under $10 a bottle. I'd rather have one OPI than 4-5 cheap polishes. The only thing I'm not impressed with about OPI is the color selection. I like a bit more unusual polish colors and to me OPI is filled with mostly reds and pinks.

Laura Mercier Flawless Face Kit // I actually bought this kit for the two full size brushes it comes with. One is a tiny laser-point concealer brush for hiding pimples and the other one is for covering under eye circles. Both are incredible, as well as the concealer that comes in the kit. The brushes and concealer are my #1 picks for the best cosmetics that I own. The powder, tinted moisturizer, and primer that come with the kit are okay (you may like them better than I do) but seriously, get the brushes and concealer. This $65 kit is worth it when you realize that the brushes are $28 each and the concealer & powder pot is $34 (and is wonderful to keep in your bag for emergencies).

Shop budget beauty here:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Budget Week // Accessories

Last week I showed you a lot of lovely clothing choices.
This week I'm going to help you dress them up a bit with an assortment of accessories.

First up, shoes:
Preppy Plus Size

I'm trying very hard to show summer items because it's still July and there's still a bit of summer left. That, and it can also be in the 90s well until October where I live. However, fall fashion is starting to softly knock at my door. With the exception of the white sandals, these shoes can last you well into fall and beyond. Of note are the Florance Broadhurst print sneakers (there are more prints available!) and the classic Sperry boat shoes. I also really love the color on the Lacoste driving mocs. The white sandals and beige heels are both from Tommy Hilfiger. As the owner of several pairs of Tommy shoes I can attest that they're well-made and comfortable. Another good place to look for shoes is Target, I've been happy with the few pairs I've gotten from there. 6pm.com is another great place to look, they carry a lot of harder to find sizes including extra wide calf boots and size 5 or 12.

Preppy Plus Size
top row // colorblock satchel // quilted crossbody
bottom row // embossed tote // woven bucket bag // leather tote

I love all of these bags. If I were offered the chance to get any one of these for free it'd be a very hard choice. Ultimately, though, I think it would come down to the gray embossed tote or the brown leather tote. The brown tote is from London Fog and their handbags are really worth looking at. In the under $100 category I'd say they would be your best bet. They're sturdy with quality materials, professional looking with enough detail to keep them from being too boring. Two of the bags, the gray tote and the colorblock satchel--come from Ivanka Trump's line. Maybe it's because her last name is Trump, but I've been surprised by how nice the line is, mostly aimed towards women needing a professional look. I've only heard great things about the quality of the line so it may be worth your time if you're looking for work wear.

Other places I like to go for accessories//
Scarves // Gap
-I like J.Crew Factory's jewelry selection a lot better than J.Crew's.
It's more toned down and a lot more affordable.
-If you're looking for bangles, I get a lot of mine from Old Navy.
They come in a variety of sizes from small to an XL, and
I can fit my moderately fat hands into a medium
so don't fear if you feel your hands may be too big.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Help Put Some Wind in the PSP Sails!

I am finally employed again! I'm really excited for this job as it continues my career path within occupational health/safety in industrial environments. However, this does mean a bit of a change in the blog, since I won't have as much time to work on it. To help me make better use of my time, take the survey below so I can better tailor posts and other content for the blog:

(If you're having trouble seeing the survey below you can use this link-- PSP Survey)

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world's leading questionnaire tool.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, economic manifestos, etc, don't be afraid to email me: plussizepreppie [at] gmail.com

I'll be finishing Budget Week this upcoming week. Since I start work on Monday I have to revert from being a night owl into an early bird. The process is much harder than I remember and will probably take twice as long since the last time. UNGH.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Under $100 Finds for Work & Play

It's not difficult to find clothes for under $100. What can be tricky is finding work clothes that look nice and have decent to good quality. On the other hand, there's plain cotton t-shirts that cost $79.
Preppy Plus Size Clothing

Let me talk briefly about this blazer and the pants. The herringbone blazer was originally $229 and is currently on sale for $65. It's the most expensive item on the list today. It's from Land's End and is made of a wool/silk blend, so with proper care this should last decades. The pants are exciting because navy blue work pants are hard to find. These come not only in this beautiful bright navy, but they also come in a slightly greyed brown as well, and I think they'd pair beautiful with the herringbone blazer.
Preppy Plus Size Clothing

Printed pants are in season right now, and I like this pair because you can wear them spring-autumn. I'd pair these with a white 3/4 sleeve sweater and some flats for a nice look for both the weekend and a business casual office. For the maxi dress, I saw it online and went to have a look in store and wasn't too impressed. I then saw a woman wearing it the following week and it looked spectacular on her. I daresay you could add a tan cardigan to it for autumn wear.  I like the blue print shirt because it reminds me of chinoiserie and the tie on the bottom adds some interest. The final t-shirt I've probably featured at least three times on this blog already. It's a great Lilly-a-Like and I've been eyeing since probably April. I was hesitant to pay $35 for a cotton t-shirt but now it's on sale for less than $20 so I might as well pull the trigger before it sells out.

Shop these looks and more:

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Nitty-Gritty of Discount Shopping

Lord knows most people love a good sale, be it sweaters or canned corn. Some have even turned sale stalking into a contact sport, evident at Walmarts around the country on Black Friday. For those not wanting to lose limbs or dignity for cheap electronic gadgets, a whole flurry of sites now boast that they offer up to 70% off retail. Are these websites too good to be true?

Flash Sale Websites

These websites include Gilt (formerly known as Gilt Groupe), Hautelook (now owned by Nordstrom), Rue La La, Ideeli amongst a growing group of competitors. The idea behind the flash sale website was to give shoppers around the globe a chance to partake in sample sales. A sample sale is typically done by a brand to sell production samples or excess merchandise. Short notice was usually given and yet hundreds would line up for a chance to get a hopefully steep discount.  Gilt was the first flash sale site and at first it kept membership and selection small. The first invitations to join were given out by the founders personally, and then you could only join if a current member sent you an invite. As selection grew, membership grew to waiting lists and now anyone can join.

What can you find on a flash sale site? Obviously, the main reason people shop flash sites is for what they think is discount designer merchandise. Is this true? Yes. Is it the same stuff you'd find in say, Nordstrom? Not necessarily and this is where things get tricky. While some brands will send some in season merchandise to the flash sites seeing them as just another retailer with whom to work, others create diffusion lines to sell on these sites. The diffusion line may carry the exact same logo and branding as regular line, but details will differ. For example, that blue print Lauren Ralph Lauren button down will have long sleeves and be 100% cotton at Macy's, while at Hautelook it may be the same print and shape, but will have 3/4 length sleeves and be made of a cotton/poly blend. Before you get excited thinking this the same shirt you saw at the mall over the weekend double check the details.

The main way flash website get you to buy is through short sales times. If you put something in your shopping cart at most of the websites, you only have 10-15 minutes to hold the item. If you haven't forked over your AMEX details by then, the item leaves your cart or it may even be sold out by the time you check out. Most flash sites won't let you keep items in your cart but Gilt does, the kicker being that you can only have five items in there at once. You should also check on return policies and shipping costs as they can be more expensive and more strict than other retailers.

Do they sell plus sizes? I have never seen a plus size grace Gilt, and they're pretty rare on Hautelook. However, now that Nordstrom owns HL I think they may become more common over time. Rue La La and Ideeli carry plus sizes, with Ideeli carrying them more often. Zulily, originally meant for children, now carries plus sizes all the time. However, most of it is draped polyester. 

Off Price Retailers

As a category, off price retailers include T.J. Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, and Burlington Coat Factory to name a few. They originated as a sort of bargain basements for off season and overstock merchandise but have evolved into retailers offering designer goods at bargain basement prices. However, a lot of what they're selling are designer diffusion lines. This is easy to spot from a plus size standpoint. Cynthia Rowley has several lines, but only one line comes in plus size and it's only sold in two locations: T.J. Maxx and Marshall's. Michael Kors is another name that sells a diffusion line exclusive to T.J. Maxx and Marshall's. The items he sells there, namely ruched t-shirts and sweatpants with a giant "MK" spangled on the thigh, aren't sold anywhere else. So yes, you're getting designer clothes or bags, but at the same time you're missing out on a lot of the detailing and quality that make designer goods worth the money.  The diffusion line aspect doesn't bother a lot of people but it does rub me the wrong way a tad bit. Marshall's and T.J. Maxx try to parade these as designer merchandise but to me, a diffusion line doesn't meet the characteristics of being designer fashion, such as quality and detailing. However, I digress.

Bargain Basements

Every region has it's own bargain basement warehouse and everybody usually has a story about that great diamond-in-the-rough find from three years ago. I actually think my friend has the best story: she found a $300 Brahmin croc-embossed leather bag that the handles had been removed on. She bought it for $40. A trip to the shoe repair shop and $25 later, it looks brand new.  Do these basements carry designer goods? Maybe you could tell if they didn't cut the tags out of them. If you do buy anything from your local bargain basement check it all over for tears, rips, stains, etc.

Saving money is always a great thing and flash sale sites and off price retailers are a great place to save some coin. However, are you really saving money when you end up with buyer's remorse on a $300 purse you can't return? Do your research, check all policies, and remember that Christmas is a mere 156 days away. Have fun!

State of the Blog // BRB

Due to a nice little power outage, today's post will be published by noon at the latest.

Monday, July 21, 2014

PREP'D PICKS // Budget Week

Welcome to Budget Week, where everything is under $100!
Today, though, all Prep'd Picks are under $50!
preppy plus size clothes

blazer  (comes in seven colors and up to a size 40) // printed blouse // wrap dress // sheath

After a month of submitting resumes with nary a word, I spent all of last week going on interviews. I even had three on one day which I don't recommend. One of the positions for which I interviewed was actually at the bottom of my list but I'm now thinking it's now my top choice.  I do have the slightest of worries: the dress code is a bit dressier than I'm used and my wardrobe isn't that up to snuff. While looking for items to feature under $50 I kept work appropriate clothes in mind and was surprised by the assortment that I found. I still have more interviews this upcoming week and spent all weekend working on a portfolio for a second interview I have later today. That being said, today's post is somewhat short due in part to a lack of time. These picks are just a taste of what's to come all week, so head over to my dedicated Budget Week Pinterest Board for updated picks though out the week!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

Plus Size Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2014

I've come to love the annual Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I didn't step foot into a Nordstrom until I my freshman year of college. My only knowledge of Nordstrom were the shiny metalliac boxes that would arrive from my grandmother on birthdays and Christmas. While I may have outgrown all the clothes she sent, my mother uses those once eagerly-awaited shiny boxes at Christmas. 

Typically there's always something that really catches my eye in the sale but this year seems lackluster. There's lots of lovely things but the areas that I truly get excited over--cosmetics and accessories--selection was slim and nothing was truly sale specfic like in the past.

There are two lookbooks: one for general merchandise (accessories, misses, kids, men, etc) and then they also made a special plus size edition. It's maybe 10-12 pages and like the the other lookbook it rates a general "meh." It includes the blue dress from Monday's Prep'd Picks, this flowy blouse that comes in navy or raisin, a casual red plaid pullover, and this unpreppy black & white print jacket that I really like for some reason. There were some great prices on Eileen Fisher and Sejour, which I believe is a Nordstrom private label.

Here are the links to the lookbooks:

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

For Discussion: Is Makeup Preppy?

Is makeup preppy?

Can you please settle an arguement between me and my 16 yr. old daughter-- is makeup preppy? I say nay, she says yay. 

I received this email last week and I've had to dwell on it for some time. My initial thought on makeup is that no makeup is the preppiest of options, and if you desire to wear it it's best to keep to natural looks. Concealer, a hint of mascara and lipstick and you're good to go. Maybe some powder if your skin is as oily as mine.

Then I got to thinking: I'm 29 and I've seen three phrases of preppy style. I remember prepdom from back in the 80s and that's what I base more of my style on, only with less shoulder padding.  Then there was the unfortunate Mall Prep/Popped collars era of the late 90s-early aughts. This was when owning a single item from Abercrombie automatically made you a preppy in the halls of your high school. Fashion was prep'd out for a few years, and then the Nouveau Prep movement hit the blogging world. This group, mostly made of people who don't recall the fall of the Berlin Wall (or were unavailable to have experienced the event), have for some reason declared such things as chevron prints, polka dots, and bows as preppy.  Somehow, these early twenty-somethings have managed to turn preppy into an infantile style, completely inappropriate for anyone older than 25. A lot of the Nouveau Preps wear a lot of makeup, more than I'd think would be considered preppy. Winged eyeliner is most decidedly not prep. Hint: The Hamptons aren't as preppy as they used to be.

There's also cultural differences. Down South, women put on full makeup just to run out and grab a gallon of milk. Up in New England most women wouldn't think twice of running to the grocery store in the clothes they were just gardening in. In West Virginia, hell, we just let everything hang out.

So, is there really an answer to this question? There are a lot of factors that are in play and it's becoming increasingly hard to say anything is a "for sure" with any certainty.  If you do decide to wear makeup, always remember less is more.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Eloquii Is Back // My Review

Maybe two-ish years ago, the clothing retailer The Limited launched a plus size line called Eloquii. It didn't do well, mostly due to a complete lack of advertising and marketing. I bought a few pieces from the line at the time and have loved them. Eloquii closed in the summer of 2013 but the trademark was purchased by a crew that worked on the line when it was owned by The Limited. 
Eloquii relaunched earlier this year so I thought I'd let the kinks get ironed out before writing a review.

If I were to describe the woman to whom Eloquii is aiming at, I'd say she's in her late twenties, works as a graphic designer in Los Angeles, rents a house with her boyfriend, has a Yorkie, and shops for housewares at Anthropologie. Not quite our tribe, as my grandmother would say. As this blog focuses on the preppy aesthetic, I'd say pickings were slim. Pickins' were damn slim. There's lots of crop tops and bodycon (body conscious) dresses. Lots and lots and lots of black. To be fair, there is a good deal of navy and colorful pieces but the style leaves a lot to be desired.

I hate to knock anyone whom is willing to produce a plus size line but I'm getting tired of everything being too trendy. I need office appropriate clothes, not club clothes. And no honey, you can't just add a blazer or cardigan to a bodycon dress. As a former manager, I used to send people home to change if they thought they could "just throw a blazer over it." Further more, not everything needs to be studded, have a hood, or be bedazzled within an inch of its life. Eloquii strikes me as a brand whom is going to concentrate on trendy, when similar items can be had for much cheaper through Deb, ASOS, or H&M. 

I'm not going to write off Eloquii just yet. From the reviews I've read, the quality is good and there are a few pieces I do like. However, I'm not going to make it a point to open my pocketbook whenever I visit the site. My AMEX can sleep soundly tonight.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Prep'd Picks

Plus size preppy clothes

Burberry Beauty polish:  This reminds me of the Tom Ford coral polish I love so much only a bit more pink and with sparkle.

Tory Burch turtle key fob:  Ever since joining my sorority in college I've collected turtles. Not only is this turtle cute it has an equally charming tassel.

Henri Bendel Debutante woven satchel:  On Twitter maybe a month ago Women's Wear Daily (WWD) tweeted a picture of a woven leather Tory Burch handbag for Resort 2014. Since then I've been lusting over anything woven leather. This Henri Bendel handbag has the woven details, tassels, and size that I desire in a handbag. As it's a cream colored bag I'll be able to use it for much longer than a white bag. If you like the look of this bag but it's well beyond your budget here is a similar bag for under $30.

Old Navy T-Shirt: I bought this t-shirt on a total whim. I thought it was cute and I'd figure out what to pair it with when I got home. Turns out it works with a good majority of my wardrobe, including my favorite olive green linen skirt and cobalt blue cropped pants. This is a basic floral pattern, and the jewel tones will allow me to wear it well into fall.

Eliza J. dress: This spectacular dress is a part of Nordstrom's amazing Anniversary Sale, which starts July 18th (or now if you're a card member). It's going to be $98.90 during the sale and $148 afterwards. I haven't been allowing myself to shop but this is the one item I may allow myself. It's ponte and can be dressed up or down accordingly.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

INSPIRATION | Tennis Whites, Anyone?

I've been pretty busy over on Pinterest this week, pinning all sorts of fun things (namely, chicken recipes). I came across a outfit inspiration via Eloquii and just absolutely thought it was wonderful for summer.

Preppy plus size

The original photo is from Instagram user @grownandcurvywoman whom has a hell of a feed. While not everything is preppy it's got some great outfit ideas, especially if you're into color. The focal piece for the outfit of the hour is this great pique midi skirt with lots of volume. Like white jeans, there is just so much you can do with this voluminous skirt. The pique has some weight to it without being too heavy for summer wear and also leads to very flattering draping. My only slight word of caution is that you may need to have the skirt hemmed to get the most flattering look. Or if you're tall like me, this skirt will land at your knees. 

I kept the rest of the outfit pretty simple, with a straw bag with pom-poms, Jack Roger sandals (did you know they come in wide sizes?), a Kiel James Patrick bracelet, and colorful earrings. If you wanted to make this a more work appropriate outfit, add an oxford cotton button down, a wide belt, pumps, and accessories.

Shop the looks from this post:

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lilly-a-Likes | July 2014

Preppy Plus Size Lilly Pulitzer

As I mentioned in the first Lilly-a-Likes post, Lilly Pulitzer doesn't produce plus size clothing. Therefore I go in search of items which I think would fit in with the Lilly Pulitzer/Palm Beach aesthetic. I look for detail, bright colors, and of course, whimsical prints.

This was an excellent month for LALs. Use the widget below to shop the best of Lilly-a-Likes:

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Back 2 Skool

A few weeks ago I had mentioned I was interested in going back to college. Yesterday I went to visit Fairmont State University, in Fairmont, West Virginia. I'm from the southern part of the Mountain State so all I knew about Fairmont St. was that it was one of the I-79 exits that signaled one was getting close to Morgantown (home of WVU). I'm also sure at one point I may have made a few jokes at Fairmont's expense while I attended WVU Tech (the joke being due to Fairmont's close proximity to WVU that whomever couldn't get into WVU went to Fairmont so they could still party at WVU).  

I'd like to take a moment to apologize to Fairmont State. While it's not the most architecturally-interesting campus the landscaping can't be beat. There were flowers blooming just everywhere and the campus is very well-maintained. It's also a very contained campus, you can leave your dorm room to get to the furthest building on campus without having to walk too far. As a chronic oversleeper I appreciate this feature. And yes, I am considering living on campus. I turn 30 in October and to be honest, it doesn't bother me horribly--yet. There are apartments and dormitories aimed at older students such as myself and the housing staff did assure me they wouldn't place me with an 18 year old who wanders in drunk every evening. Since I'm doing all of this at the last minute, I'm not in the mood to deal with trying to hunt down an apartment and all that entails. Also, I got rid of a majority of my furniture earlier this year when I was still planning on buying a house. With the dorms I don't have to worry about paying for utilities or groceries, I can just head over to the cafeteria.

As a non-traditional student, I am lucky in the fact I have the luxury of being able to go to school full time. I've always been active in school activities and I hope to be able to continue. The following is a bit of a conversation that I had with my one of my sorority sisters over the weekend:

Me: Fairmont has a DZ chapter! I'd totally be willing to go back active sister status.

Jeannette: That'd be nice, although do you think it would be weird to be a 32 year sorority girl? 

Me: Nah. It's not as if I'm going to be boozing it up on Daytona Beach with them come Spring Break.

Jeannette: Do you really miss having three hour meetings fighting over the color of the rush t-shirts?

Me: ...(expletive). You do have point there. I really am too old for that (expletive).

I may be rethinking the sorority thing, however I would like to be active with the chapter in some manner.

Anyways, it was very surreal to be back on a college campus, talking about dorms, the cost of books, and cafeteria food. Even though I have another two schools I'm considering I really think I'll be attending Fairmont State University this fall.

Tomorrow: Lilly-a-Likes!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Prep'd Picks: Tropico

Today's Prep'd Picks was inspired by the absolutely adorable Kate Spade toucan phone cover you see featured above. I had purchased this about two months ago but the package had gotten lost in the mail because the FedEx/UPS and the USPS collaboration is a nightmare. I finally received it in the mail last week and instantly feel in love. I've been seeing a lot of banana leaf prints lately so I Incorporated those as well as some other prints that had that tropical/jungle feel without being covered in hibiscus flowers.

If I had the money, I'd buy this Johnny Was silk blouse in a second, and I'd pay the extra $30 to have it overnighted. Would I wear it with the matching pants (also featured)? Eh...to the right place/event I would. That's most definitely not an everyday look.

If you'd like some more inspired looks, just scroll through the widget!

If you have anything you'd like to see featured in Prep'd Picks, feel free to leave a comment or email me! plussizepreppie [at] gmail.com

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hard Times

Two days ago I buried my favorite uncle far too early, the victim of a stubborn lung cancer. I tend to think of myself as fairly unemotional until all the feels hit at about 3 am when I'm trying to churn out a post and wrecking my train of thought. My parents were telling me yesterday of how they had bought the plots next to my uncle--and aunt when the time comes--and  about their other "final plans" and all I can think of is how completely unprepared I am, and will be, when their time comes. I know for a fact that I'm going to be the one to have to handle all the arrangements. As much as I love my sisters neither one has, for lack of a better term, situational awareness. This means that I'm the one in charge and I know for certain I won't be able to handle it.

I think I'm getting ahead of myself. I've been worrying too much about things I have zero control over and I need to stop. Between the worry and the 90+ degree weather the nerve damage from my Shingles has flared up and as the popular vernacular goes, "ain't nobody got time for that."

I was writing a somewhat trite post on what to wear to a funeral. A sweet older lady told me during small talk at the viewing that people spend too much time worrying about the etiquette of what to wear to a funeral but nobody ever spoke of what to wear to move on. I think she has a very valid point but I'm not at there yet.

I apologize for this slightly rambling post. Come back tomorrow for a more cheerful post.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Prep'd Picks: Set Sail!

As I research posts, I always keep an eye out for anything Lilly Pulitzer-inspired. While I've posted many a Lilly-a-Like on this blog, I still think there's always a more inspired print out there. I do believe that this nautical print will be the closest Lilly-a-Like you will find this summer. Luckily, this print comes in a nice selection of wardrobe pieces so you can choose to go all-out prep'd with the wide leg pants or stick to the highly versatile blouse.

The print will obviously take center stage in any ensemble you may wear. Keep accessories simple and avoid other competing nautical themes (a sailor's bracelet would be acceptable, though). If you choose to wear the print to the office, definitely keep accessories professional: nude pumps or flats and a nice leather bag will make this very office-appropriate.

Shop this look:
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