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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dresses to Help Ring in 2014

I have always counted New Year's Eve as one of my favorite holidays. It's an excuse to wear something sparkly and drink champagne with my friends and family as we bid old Father Time adieu.  Other times I've swapped the sparkle for my Bean boots for bonfires up in the hills.

However, my usual New Year's outfit consists of pajamas because typically I'm sick. My family likes to make the joke that it's tradition for me to be sick between Christmas and New Year's.  This year I've had to deal with complications from the flu (don't put off getting a flu shot!) so my plans are to just have a quiet evening in.  If I'm lucky, I'll be awake to see the ball drop in Time's Square.  For those of you heading out for the night, here are some last-minute suggestions:

[ 1. ] Land's End //  A pretty, easy-to-wear casual dress for a casual evening.  I like that the colors in the dress allow it to be worn in all but the hottest weather. Please excuse the horrible picture, I was trying something new in Photoshop and it didn't quite go as expected.

[ 2. ] Nordstrom //  You're going to be invited to Gatsby parties for years following this year's movie adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel.  This feather detail and scalloped hem actually make this dress somewhat historically accurate. This is the best flapper dress I've seen and it would work well as a cocktail dress.

[ 3. ] Nordstrom // For those needing something formal, this cobalt dress is a stunner.

[ 4. ] Macy's //  This is another cocktail dress that can be worn any time of the year and is an excellent choice to have in your wardrobe. This will pair with almost any accessory and your friends will constantly ask to borrow it.

[ 5. ] JC Penney //  If you're lucky enough to be on the beach or somewhere else very warm, grab this dress. You can wear it over a swimsuit or if you don't want to sweat to death in the heat. Pair with flat sandals and a simple clutch for the best look.

Needing makeup and hair ideas? Lauren Conrad (yes, she of The Hills fame) has an excellent site called The Beauty Department which has amazing step-by-step instructions complete with pictures. While aimed at twenty-somethings I think many of the ideas would work well on all ages. 

Howling at the moon with friends or tucked away in bed when the clock strikes midnight?
Let me know in the comments. --Kiki

Friday, December 27, 2013

Jackie Kennedy Onassis on Words

As we reflect back on 2013 and look forward towards 2014, I thought this quote from Jackie O. was most appropriate.  There's the old saying often sang by schoolchildren "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" but as I get older I find that it no longer holds true.  Words have the power to inspire--or hurt--in a way that nothing else on this planet can touch.  The pain from a paper cut or a broken arm is quickly forgotten but the pain from a hurtful letter or the joy from an unexpected email can last for years.  Come join me in 2014 by thinking on words: yours, mine, all the words that dance around us each and everyday.  I hope that mine can inspire, enlighten, inform, and plain old entertain all those who swing by my little corner of the internet.  --Kiki

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lots of Construction Going On...

Please pardon the dust! I'm working on the new branding and look for the blog. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Coming Soon, and What's With the Preppy Blogs Lately?

Hello everyone! I've mentioned before not being very good at this blogging thing but I want to give it another shot. For the past two months,  I've been working on ways to improve Plus Size Prep. I've gotten lots of interest in this blog but I haven't been able to keep up with it mostly because I didn't know enough about what I was doing. I really wanted to build this blog but I needed to put some major time, energy, and thought into what I wanted to accomplish. I know it doesn't show, but come back around New Year's for a quick drink and see what I have to offer.

One of the things that really lit a fire under my tail was the fact that a lot of the preppy style/lifestyle blogs seem to have gone downhill. One of the things I've been doing behind the scenes here at PSP is reading a lot of the preppy blogs and noting different things about them. The graphics or photography might be great on one site, the writing might be better on another. I've been lurking in the dark over at GOMI, a forum devoted to blogs & bloggers to see what they say, what they recommend. A lot of bloggers hate GOMI with a burning passion but I see it as one of the best places for constructive criticism on the internet and I love being able to see what material truly connects with readers. 

There's been a lot I've taken note of, and here's some of the major points that I think have really hurt the preppy blogs:

1. The lack of original content. I am aware that the preppy stylesphere is very small considered to other style genres but there's just too much sameness. I'd go to five different blogs on any given morning and would find a post about the same Kate Spade bag, the same Tory Burch booties, and the same J.Crew sweater.

2. Every post is a shopping list. The post will read something along the lines of, "Oh it was so cold over the weekend and I saw Christmas trees for sale and it makes me think of green things!!! Here's a list of 15 green sweaters."  Once a week this post is okay, but everyday is a little much. #2 ties in a lot to #3...

3. These blogs really didn't have that authentic preppy feel.  One of the tenants of prepdom is thrift. You borrow your mother's Lilly shifts and your husband still wears the sweaters he stole from his father's closet in high school.  Again, yes, these blogs and mine are fashion blogs but you can write a great fashion & style blog without having to resort to constant shopping lists. You write a post about how stressed you are due to your new job, oh, and here are 20 computer cases to help cheer your bad day up? Please stop.  This goes back to #1, lack of original content and thought.

4. 80% of everything I see on a preppy blog is J.Crew. Jenna Lyons = not preppy. At all.  I actually want to shop less at J.Crew because I'm sick of seeing it everywhere.

Will this blog be perfect? Of course not. There are many people who are happy with being provided a shopping list for that weekend. What bothers me is that these people say they have a preppy blog but are only looking at prepdom from such an extremely narrow view. There's more to being preppy than wearing a cable knit sweater. The true & authentic preps are outside gardening or out on the water on the weekends, not in a f*cking J.Crew store.

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