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Monday, May 27, 2013

Julep's Nantucket-Inspired Polish Collection

I love nail polish. I may not wear a bit of makeup sometimes but I always have my nails polished.
 My collection is a bit out of hand right now, so I've put a moritorium on buying any new polishes. I've been really good so far, but then the gals over at Julep starting sending me pictures of their summer collection...
A preppy-inspired nail polish collection? Shut up and take my Amex card!

I'm a Julep Maven, which is one of those monthly subscription boxes of which there are now many.
When you become a Maven, you take a quiz to get a style profile. I was Classic with a Twist, which includes two polishes and a full-sized beauty product. However,  I chose to get the It Girl box instead which comes with three polishes. Unlike most other subscription boxes, you can choose to skip a month, which is what I usually do because I already have similar polishes.This collection has several of the colors I've been wanting to add to my collection, such as a kelly green and yellow. This month, I'm really excited for my box:
I've been on the hunt for both shades of the blue. I lack a good basic blue, which is unbecoming for a WVU fan like myself. I also have been looking for a light blue to replace my bottle of Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Baracuda, which has a horrible formula. However, I'm thinking I already have a dupe for Nan, the red meant to be the same color as the famous Nantucket Red pants. I already have Essie's Chubby Cheeks, which I bought because I loved that it was so close to the Reds. It's a great formula and color so I'm not too convinced that Nan will take its place.

I think I want just about everything out of the collection. I already have several hot pinks and maybe 1-2 light pinks but I might as well go ahead and get them anyways. I'm one of those people who gets antsy if I don't have the full collection and will then spend the next year tracking them down on Ebay where they will be double the price with $10 shipping.

Julep polishes typically run about $14, but if you're a Maven they're a little over $11 each. That's not too bad, as OPI and Essie are both in the $7-9 range. You can find a limited selection of Julep polishes in larger Sephora stores to give them a try before you become a Maven.

Should you become a Maven? Like I mentioned earlier, I already have a sizeable polish collection and most of the Julep polishes are usually just dupes of colors I already have. I have found that the quality for Julep is similar to that of Essie and OPI, which is always nice. I really do think that if you choose to pay $20/month for the program that you really do get your money's worth. 

Interested in becoming a Maven? Click on the icon below!

Preppy Summer Finds @ JC Penney

Penney's has been in the news pretty heavily for the past two years for various things. New CEO, new way of pricing. New CEO is now the former CEO and they're bringing back sales and coupons. Then there's this Martha Stewart thing, which basically appears to be--of all things--wrapping paper. I'm not kidding, my local Penney's is constructing this big section that's all about gift wrap by Martha.
Despite all the other stuff going on with Penney's, I've been impressed with their plus sized offerings as of late. The selection has dropped at least 30%, but what is there seems better curated. Yes, there's still too much polyester and sublimation prints (didn't those go out of style in 2010?), but there is some pretty solid stuff to be found.
I'm really impressed with the styling of the jcp line, a private label being carried in all stores. The line is centered around basics that are mostly casual fares, with a few being okay for a professional work environment. The detailing is really nice and the fabrics are on point, with some silk-blend popovers and cotton sweaters. The only downside I've found with the brand is that the color selection is very limited and the sizing can be off. For example, I can try on a pair of skinny jeans in green and they're too small. I can try the same style of jeans in the same size that might be in the cobalt blue and they fit perfectly.
Here are some of the preppiest picks of the line (and the entire line is the epitome of preppy casual wear):

The stand outs to me in this collection are the green bermuda shorts. Not only do they come in the basic khaki/black/navy, but also this amazing green and pink. Pink and green, how much more preppy can you get? I also love the two popovers on the top line of the tops. They're a silk blend and are really soft. They're sheer, but honestly, most shirts seem so sheer these days. The orange lattice shirt is in the same silk blend but it's pretty opaque. The orange shirt is perfect for summer if you work in a professional office environment:


Orange and blue just look so good together. I added the white skirt to give the outfit a fresher feel, but if you have a navy blue suit or separates for work, by all means wear those. I added these adorable Lilly Pulitzer wedges that just scream summer, a Longchamp tote, and sailor-inspired jewelry. As far as makeup goes, I'd pick a coral blush, like Benefit's Coralista. I'd also take a bit of a matte bronzer and dust where the sun hits my face. For eyes I'd do a copper or bronze eye and navy eyeliner. Keep lips simple with a balm (I'm a huge fan of the Fresh balms). For hair I'd just do a high, swingy ponytail.

Gold metallic shoes are good addition to your wardrobe. They're neutral enough to wear with just about any outfit, and can easily replace any black or nude shoe if you're bored of those. I like these sort of snakeskin print pumps, and these peep toes are very elegant. For flats, I think these skimmers with a scalloped trim are just darling, and these perforated smoking loafers are a breezy pick.
Again, I really think the jcp line is on top as far as casual wear goes.  

Monday, May 20, 2013

What Makes Something Preppy?

The world of preppy fashion is a big one. From the staid colors of L.L. Bean to the whimsical pastels on a Lilly Pulitzer shift, there is seemingly room for just about everyone at the table of prep. It may seem that plus sized women have been left from the table but I don't think that's entirely true.
What makes something preppy? Let's ask the iconic Lilly Pulitzer:

I describe preppy fashion as fashion that is appropriate for the occasion, is relatively simple, and is of good quality and taste.

It's a broad statement, but I really think it covers what preppy fashion truly is.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hello Out There!

Well, hello there!

I really don't know what else to put here, other than to say hi, and welcome to this blog.
I'm starting this blog because I like preppy style and I'm plus-sized. I've been reading a lot of preppy style blogs and none of them discuss plus sizes...in fact, they basically only talk about J.Crew now that I think about it. But anyways, I've seen some attempts at plus size preppy blogging but nothing that's really stuck around. I'm here to change that.

If you've ever googled "plus size preppy clothes" you can see that a lot of people are asking about them but nobody seems to have answers. I have some answers. Not all, but some. I figure that's better than nothing.

I also think that a lot of preppy fashion bloggers aren't very preppy. Here's why:
Monogrammed Bermuda bag: Fabulous!
Monogrammed floppy hat: Cute!
Monogrammed tumbler: Great for work!
Monogrammed bikini bottom: Why?

 I already have a running list of topics I want to talk about so I won't bore you too much with more small talk. Hope to see you back soon!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, suggestions, manifestos, etc., feel free to email them to me:
plussizepreppie [at] gmail.com
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